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‘I faked it all’: Influencer Gabbie Hanna faked entire trip to Coachella

Instagram influencer Gabbie Hanna reveals how she faked going to Coachella.Source:Supplied While Instagrammers flooded feeds with snaps from this year’s Coachella festival, at least one was faking the whole thing — and she’s admitted to everything. Instagram and YouTube influencer Gabbie Hanna faked an entire trip to Coachella in an effort to lift the lid […]

Indonesia, Italy: Chilling secret in ‘town of the dead’

These are 11 of the creepiest burial sites in the world.Source:Getty Images WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Visiting unusual cemeteries on your travels can be a great insight into different cultures. But these are some of the most intriguing – and downright unsettling. Here’s just a few that caught our attention. 1. The Burial Caves of Toraja, […]

What really happens at a yoga retreat

We got a bit fancy with our group photoshoot.Source:Supplied HANGING upside down, severely hungover and terrified I could throw up at any moment into the teacher I was precariously balancing on, I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell had happened. Six days earlier the thought of dragging my painfully sore self to another yoga […]

Inside Mexico’s Exploding Hammer Festival

Inside Mexico’s bizarre exploding hammer festival.Source:Supplied While Australians are busy putting travel bans in place amid the coronavirus outbreak, Mexicans are strapping explosives to sledgehammers in preparation for the Exploding Hammer Festival. And, yes, it’s as dangerous as it sounds. To celebrate Shrove Tuesday each year, the small town of San Juan de la Vega […]

Inside Titanic submarine tour that will take you to shipwreck

The first submarine tour of the Titanic has launched – but a ticket will set you back $A175k.Source:AP You can now explore the wreckage of the famous Titanic ship on a submarine tour – if you have $A175,000. Launched by tour company OceanGate Expeditions, the experience will be part of an eight-day trip from Newfoundland […]

Instagrammers warned against swimming in toxic Siberian ‘Maldives’ lake

The ‘Maldives’ lake has become a popular Instagram photo stop.Source:Instagram It’s the stunning lake shot that doesn’t even need a filter. The turquoise waters surrounded by lush green trees have become a bit of a social magnet for Instagrammers heading to Siberia. From women posing in bikinis to newlyweds dancing on the lake’s dirt banks […]

Is this really Australia’s best beach?

Manly beach, stunning yeah? Picture: Jo3ungSource:Flickr WELL, this is outrageous. And embarrassing. Outrageously embarrassing. Travel bible TripAdvisor has just released its 2018 list of the world’s best beaches, as voted by travellers. And it’s bad news for anyone who thought Australia’s glorious stretches of sand were second to none. Apparently, they’re second to a lot. […]

Is this the world’s best job? Six figures to holiday around Mexico

Get paid big bucks to be a ‘happiness ambassador’ on a Mexico beach retreat. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied QUICK question: is your passport valid? A luxury hotel group in Mexico is currently asking for applications for what it’s calling the “World’s Best Job”. We hear the expression “dream job” thrown around an awful lot, but in this […]

Job testing luxury yachts could be the best travel gig in the world

There’s the potential to review up to 50 yachts a year, bringing in a cool $65,000 while travelling the world.Source:istock A start-up website is advertising for what could be one of the best jobs in the world, with the successful applicant travelling the world testing luxurious yachts and being paid to do so. The dream […]

Kylie Minogue’s stunning blast from the past in new tourism advert

The advert aired on Christmas Day in the UK ahead of the Queen’s Christmas Day message.Source:News360 Kylie Minogue has revived her beloved Neighbours character Charlene Robinson as part of a new $15 million tourism campaign to lure Brexit-weary British tourists to Australia. Millions of Brits were tucking into their turkey ahead of the Queen’s Christmas […]

Moment kayaker drops off waterfall

Lachie Carracher kayaked over Dangar Falls in NSW on Sunday. Picture: Facebook Kayaker Plunges Down Huge WaterfallSource:Facebook JAW-dropping footage shows a kayaker plunge 25 metres down a huge waterfall in the first time the dangerous stunt had ever been attempted. Lachie Carracher waited eight years to take on Dangar Falls near Dorrigo, inland from Coffs […]

Morocco travel tips: Guide to adventures in Marrakech

My face after hiking up the side of a Moroccan mountain for two hours.Source:Supplied I’m usually the world’s laziest traveller. My usual style of holiday is one that involves me being picked up and plonked on the other side of the world to eat and drink my way through another city and culture. I’ll sometimes […]

Mysterious Chinese tomb reveals pot-smoking trend

The origins of cannabis smoking: Chemical residue evidence from the first millennium BCE in the Pamirs. Picture: Xinhua WuSource:Supplied Deep in the Himalayan mountain ranges, in a 2500 year old tomb buried in western China, scientists have made a discovery that proves humans have been getting high for far longer than first thought. Until now, […]

Parents quit their jobs and take kids out of school to travel the world on a budget

Donna and Chris Jackson have quit their jobs and taken their kids out of school to travel the world. Picture: Jellybeantvuk/InstagramSource:Instagram TWO parents have quit their jobs, sold everything they own and taken their children out of school to travel the world. Donna and Chris Jackson, from the UK, made the bold move after fearing […]

‘People died on that mountain’: Mum of three with Australia’s wildest job

Di hopes to never stopSource:Supplied EVERYTHING ached and tears streamed down Di Westaway’s cheeks as she battled her way through freezing wind along an exposed ridge on a 7000-metre Nepalese mountain with an invisible drop on both sides. At that moment, she recalls wondering: “I’m a mother of three, what am I doing here?” Di, […]

‘People thought we were crazy’: We quit everything to live in a caravan

The Dobner family has so far clocked up 50,000km. Picture: Michael FranchiSource:Supplied TWO weeks into six-month round-Australia trip, Aaron and Jacqui Dobner called their real estate agent and told her not to rent their house out. “We told her to just sell it, we’re not coming back,” Jacqui says. It sounds like an enormous decision, […]

People try, and fail, to guess the meaning of Australian slang

We have developed a very unique way of expressing ourselves.Source:News Limited IF YOU’RE talking to someone from another country and they’re looking at you like you’re a few roos loose in the top paddock, it’s likely they literally have no idea what you’re saying. Our beloved Australian slang is very unique — and complete gibberish […]

Popular Australian beaches snubbed in annual ‘best of’ list

Bondi Beach has been snubbed from the top-20 list.Source:Supplied One of Australia’s most popular attractions, Bondi Beach, has been snubbed in a “best of” list for 2020, with Tourism Australia suggesting we should head out west to Wagga Wagga or to Byron Bay’s neighbouring beach in Cabarita instead. Every year, Tourism Australia beach ambassador Brad […]

Remnants of Wonderland waste away in theme park graveyard

Inside the graveyard of Sydney’s Wonderland.Source:Supplied Just 14 years ago, Sydney’s Wonderland was filled with the screeching of roller-coasters, the scent of dagwood dogs and the laughter and excitement of schoolkids spending their pocket money at Australia’s most loved theme park. For almost two decades, Wonderland operated more than 20 rides in Sydney’s Eastern Creek. […]

Remote Aussie destinations attracting tourists thanks to social media

Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory has become an increasingly popular attraction. It also featured in Lancome advertisement styled by social media star Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper Girl). Picture: Luke ShadboltSource:Supplied THEY are isolated areas that can be difficult to get to but many tourists are venturing beyond Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef in […]

Rich family wants to pay someone $141,000 a year to travel the world photographing them

This amazing job is paying $141,000 a year.Source:istock If travelling to exotic locations and getting paid $141,000 a year to do it sounds like your dream job then you’re in luck. A British family is hiring a professional photographer to follow them around the world for a year and the money and the travel experiences […]

See inside the world’s most jaw-dropping bubble hotels

Bubble hotels are a new travel trend. Picture: Satori, The Bubble Experience LodgeSource:Supplied It’s 2020, and the bubble hotel business is bursting. The novelty of sleeping under the stars from within the climate-controlled comforts of your own curved-roofed retreat shows no signs of waning. Standard hotel amenities — including ensuite bathrooms, comfy beds and Wi-Fi, […]

Sisters’ historic find in lake while on kayaking trip

The sisters made the historic discovery while on a kayaking trip.Source:Supplied Two sisters who decided to go for a kayaking adventure on the Arkansas River have made a historic find while out on the water. Ashley and Erin Watt were rowing down the river in south-central Kansas when they reportedly saw a skull protruding from […]

Skull Rock: The Australian island which has had less visitors than the moon

Locals say Skull Rock has had less visitors than the moon.Source:Supplied Surrounded by azure blue waters and protected by thousands of barking fur seals, a mysterious and untouched island sits undisturbed off the rugged coast of Victoria’s Wilsons Promontory. Hiding on the edge of the Bass Strait, just three hours south of Melbourne’s CBD, the […]

Spooky destinations: These are said to be the most cursed places in the world

The notorious Poveglia Island in, Venice, Italy, is said to be one of the most cursed places on earth. Picture: Ella PellegriniSource:News Corp Australia There are some places on earth that are downright scary – places people say are jinxed, inhabited by the devil or simply doomed. Many now are mostly ghost towns, where only […]

The details of Tigerair’s $1 domestic return flights sale

Tigerair passengers can fly home from domestic destinations for $1 as part of this week’s sale. Picture: Shae BeplateSource:News Corp Australia GATHER your loose change, folks — Tigerair Australia is selling return flights today for a mere $1. From midday AEDT the airline is offering return flights for a single dollar on 24 of its […]

The ioCamper is a campervan and an apartment in one

The ioCamper turns a regular campervan into an apartment.Source:Caters News Agency IT’S the ultimate flatpack flat. This might look like a regular campervan, but it expands into an entire apartment. The ioCamper can transform to four times its original size, housing four people in four separate full-size beds — all simply controlled through your mobile […]

The Kimberley is the only place in Australia to make New York Times’ ‘52 places’ list for 2020

This region made it on to the top 52 list for the New York Times. Picture: The Travel Corporation.Source:Supplied The New York Times’ annual list of must-see destinations has been published for 2020, and just one Australian destination has made the cut. The 52 places list is The New York Times’ yearly must-see of travel […]

The moment I went diving with the world’s biggest shark

Coming face-to-face with the world’s biggest shark.Source:Supplied As we skimmed across the Gulf of California, leaving the port of La Paz in our wake, our captain had his eyes glued to the water around us. He had a single phrase on repeat. “Look for the shadows, everyone,” he said as our boat bounced over the […]

The trip I never thought I would do

SailweekSource:Supplied FOR many people, sharing a small yacht with a bunch of strangers is not their idea of a good time. There is very little privacy, you have to pump the toilet to make it flush and there is no chance to “escape” — but if you don’t do a trip like this once in […]

The world’s most hellish spa

How close to the gates of hell are you prepared to go? Picture: IHC Ancient ‘hell gates’ found on lava fieldSource:Supplied NEXT time someone tells you to go to hell, rejoice. It can be heaven. Forget the pain and agony. Picture a blissful spa, where you’ll be pampered and regenerate both body and soul. Italy […]

‘They said I was crazy’: Why Aussie agreed to 22-day mystery tour starting in Kazakhstan

Zoe Taylor went on an Intrepid Travel mystery tour though Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Siberia.Source:Supplied Most people spend weeks researching, planning and deciding on every last detail of their overseas holidays. Not Australian woman Zoe Taylor. She agreed to be taken to some of the world’s most strange and uncharted destinations with absolutely no clue […]

This family quit their jobs and hit the road with two kids under two

The Sumner family, Paul, Bryony, Arthur, 2, and Renner, 3, have left their home and are travelling Australia with their dog Bobby. Picture: Marc McCormackSource:News Corp Australia “I WISH we could do that!” This is the response we hear the most when we tell people that we are travelling Australia fulltime with our kids. We […]

This tiny cabin is the most popular property on Airbnb

This little cabin in California is the most popular Airbnb listing in the world. Picture: AirbnbSource:Supplied The most visited Airbnb in the world is a small wooden cabin found near San Francisco. Located about 129km south of the city, the small home measures just 9.2sq m but has been incredibly popular with holiday-makers. The mushroom-shaped […]

Thousands want nude event banned

A nude even has come under fire in Canada.Source:istock THRILLSEEKERS are gearing up for a wild time at a nude event in Canada, but not everyone is happy. On January 14 adventurous souls will fling themselves down waterslides, jump around in a wave pool and generally enjoy making a splash at Southland Leisure Centre in […]

Tourism Australia launches new global campaign featuring Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth the launch of Tourism Australia’s latest campaign at the Sydney Opera House. Picture: Brook Mitchell/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images Actor Chris Hemsworth might have the lofty title of Tourism Australia’s global ambassador, but he’s still keen to have a laugh at visitors to our fair land. At the launch of Australia’s new global tourism campaign, […]

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