Best Mexican foods: Beyond tacos, 11 of the best things to eat in Mexico City

Stavanger, Norway: A local produce tour in this famous sardine town

Brownies, tiramisu, key lime pie: The ten best cities for desserts

The 10 strangest foods I’ve ever eaten (and three I’ll never eat)

‘Tere siga’ in Ethiopia is large hunks of raw, fat-laced, room-temperature meat. Photo: iStock What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? I never know how to answer this question. One, because I don’t really carry around a list in my head. And the other is because, who gets to define “weird”? What’s considered weird for […]

The art of sharing food: How to deal with communal eating in West Africa

Don’t obsess over the germ exchange. Photo: iStock   The best pieces of goat were flicked over onto my section of rice. I watched elegant fingers tear the meat, one-handed, from long bones piled on top of the communal dish. Those same fingers would then scoop up the food and shape it into a bite-sized […]

The art of Swiss fondue: How to fondue

Swiss fondue. Photo: iStock   Nobody ever told the Swiss that fondue is a 1970s throwback, akin to shag carpet and tape recorders. It remains the national dish of Switzerland, at least in the winter months; nothing screams ‘Tourist!’ like someone eating fondue on a restaurant terrace in the summer. You should have fondue indoors, […]

Guide to wine tourism in Australia: The best places for a wine holiday

The view from the Jackalope Hotel on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. It may resemble an unsolved Rubik’s cube discarded in frustration at the bottom of a garden but, really, these days it’s no puzzle at all as to why a five-storey, twisted box-like building plonked, as it were, in the middle of a South Australian vineyard […]

The Hunter, NSW: Time to revisit Australia’s oldest wine region

As a wine tourism destination, the Hunter has for a long time felt a little too touristy and commercial. But in reality, at eight years shy of its bicentenary, it is the oldest wine-growing region in Australia. Photo: iStock Not to knock Cessnock, a perfectly serviceable, pleasant enough NSW service town, but it’s hardly the […]

The most underrated and overrated food and drink experiences of 2019

Overrated: Burgers. Photo: iStock Here are the most underrated and overrated food and drink experiences of 2019. UNDERRATED SWITZERLAND This alpine nation is well-known for chocolate, cheese, fondue and perhaps rosti, which seems to be spreading to hipster cafes worldwide. But Switzerland has a far more varied food scene imagined, with more than 400 types […]

The story of Creole, Cajun food comes alive at the New Orleans School of Cooking

Crayfish gumbo in New Orleans. Photo: Paul Poplis The talk is flowing faster than the Mississippi River. New Orleans School of Cooking’s chef de cuisine, Matt Guillory, is giving a potted history of Louisiana’s food before we make like chefs ourselves. We’re tucked within a renovated 19th-century molasses warehouse in the city’s historic French Quarter […]

Tips for visiting wineries: How to fake it and not look like an idiot

‘Mmmmm …smells like grapes.’ Photo: SIphotography Australians love a winery. There were 5.5 million visitors to Australian wineries last year. Those visits were worth $5.9 billion. This is a tourism juggernaut, and it’s very likely that you too will be visiting an Australian winery very soon. The only trouble is, you may not know the […]

Tokyo, Japan: Eat Japan’s best ramen on the Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour

As the author of one of Tokyo’s leading ramen blogs, Frank Striegl is ideally qualified to lead this immersive tasting tour around the city. Photo: Frank Striegl Frank Striegl is a walking advert for the nutritional merits of ramen. As the author of one of Tokyo’s leading ramen blogs (, the fit, lean 35-year-old eats […]

Travel tips & advice for Germany: Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Berlin

Julian Tompkin.    THE EXPERT Julian Tompkin An adoptive Berliner for 15 years, in his new book, Wanderlust in Berlin (Hardie Grant Travel, $29.99) Perth writer Julian Tompkin compiles the best of coffee, culture and good food in the German capital. See Berliner doner kebab. Photo: iStock BRUNCH Berlin’s hard partying reputation has been […]

Traveller writers reveal the meals that changed their life

Sit among fridge cabinets and wine shelves at Salumeria Roscioli. Photo: Maurizio Camagna One bite, and everything changes. One mere morsel of food. One tiny portion of a meal, and all of a sudden your world is turned upside down, your idea of what is good and bad, your opinion of what is delicious and what […]

Deep-dish pizza in Chicago, USA: The pizza you must try before you die

Gino’s East Pizza, Chicago. Photo: Supplied This is an unusual story with strange ingredients: intrigue, passion, criminality – and pizza. Where better to start, then, than Gino’s East, five minutes’ walk from Chicago’s mighty Michigan Avenue and a key stop-off in the culinary search for a dish synonymous with America’s “second city”? Though Gino’s East has […]

US, Atlanta: World of Coca-Cola tells how the world’s most famous soft drink was invented

World of Coca Cola Coke museum. When Atlanta pharmacist Dr John Pemberton concocted Coca-Cola’s formula in 1886, it was initially a fizzer. Just nine glasses a day were sold on average during the first year. He couldn’t possibly have guessed that his creation, mixed in a cast-iron kettle over an open flame, would one day become world […]

USA, Washington state: Taste the terroir at this brand-new wine hotspot

L’Ecole Walla Walla, Washington. Photo: Andrea Johnson “I love my wine!” a participant in my blending class gushes, cradling her freshly-labelled bottle of red. Blushing with embarrassment, she adds, “Sorry, inner dialogue – I didn’t mean to say that out loud. But I do love my wine, it’s so delicious!” I love my wine too, though […]

Waiheke Island: The world-class wine destination on Auckland’s doorstep

Even though the island is just a 40-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, it’s drier and warmer than New Zealand’s most populous city. Photo: Getty Images Waiheke Island is nicknamed the island of wine. A one-time haven for hippies and artists, the island started its transformation into a hip world-class wine destination in the 1970s, when […]

Christchurch, New Zealand: Best places to eat – resort owner Hall Cannon’s picks

Originally from the US, Hall Cannon now owns and operates Otahuna Lodge. Photo: Stephen Goodenough THE EXPERT HALL CANNON Originally from the US, Cannon has lived in Christchurch for the past 13 years. He owns and operates Otahuna Lodge, a magnificent 1895 homestead turned Relais & Chateaux hotel. Otahuna is the largest private historic residence […]

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Calatabiano, Sicily, Italy

Granita. Photo: Alamy   THE EXPERT Born in Sicily, the owner (alongside his brother Ezio Gatto) and chef of Sud in western Sydney, Paolo Gatto honours his southern Italian culture in his modern rustic food. See BREAKFAST A typical breakfast on the Ionic coast where I come from is an iris alla crema, a […]

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Reverie Saigon has a new ‘A Taste of Hidden Saigon’ tour for hotel guests. Photo: Ngonhathoang   THE EXPERT LINH PHAN The Reverie Saigon has a new “A Taste of Hidden Saigon” tour for hotel guests, run by Linh Phan, the Vietnamese-Canadian operator of tour company, Hidden Saigon. It introduces the adventurous to street-food […]

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Istanbul, Turkey

Kebabs in Istanbul. THE EXPERT After working at Rene Redzepi’s Noma in Copenhagen and the three Michelin-star Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo, for three years renowned Turkish chef Fatih Tutak headed up The Dining Room at the House on Sathorn in Bangkok, earning it two consecutive wins in Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants. Late in 2019, he […]

London best places to eat: Chef Lee Tiernan’s picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Eel sarnie.  T THE MEAL PLANNER LONDON THE EXPERT Having worked with Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver’s legendary nose-to-tail group, St John for a decade, Londoner Lee Tiernan is now head chef at his own restaurant, the much lauded Black Axe Mangal in Highbury, north London. He will take part in the Melbourne Food and […]

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Papeete, Tahiti

Thomas Larme.   THE EXPERT With almost two decades, living and working in French Polynesia, the last four of which as the head chef of Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa, Thomas Larme has an approach to cuisine that reflects Tahitian culture and French “savoir faire”. See and BREAKFAST Firi Firi is a […]

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Queenstown, New Zealand

The Grille brunch.   THE EXPERT Championing green cuisine in a land where meat reigns supreme, Trent Watson is the head chef at No5 Church Lane in Queenstown, which recently introduced a refreshed menu in favour of vegetarians and vegans. See BRUNCH The Grille by Eichardt’s sits on the shore of Queenstown Bay – […]

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Singapore

Dishes of chicken rice and noodle from Hawker Chan. BRENT SAVAGE Two-times Good Food Guide Chef of the Year, Brent Savage is chef and co-owner of four renowned Sydney venues including Cirrus at Barangaroo. See BREAKFAST Chinatown Centre Food Complex is one of my favourite hawker centres in Singapore and it is also actually […]

Where to eat out in Canberra: Chef Josh Smith-Thirkell, QT Canberra

Capitol Bar burrata.   THE EXPERT Josh Smith-Thirkell, executive chef, QT Canberra Having worked at at the Falls Creek, Victoria and Queenstown, New Zealand properties of QT Hotels and Resorts, Josh Smith-Thirkell now heads up the ACT’s QT kitchen, emphasising Canberran producers and winemakers. See Capitol Bar t-bone. COFFEE You can’t go wrong with […]

Philadelphia, US: Best places to eat – chef Michael Solomonov’s picks

Michael Solomonov, the executive chef and co-owner of Philadelphia’s trailblazing Zahav. THE EXPERT A champion of Israeli cuisine, Michael Solomonov is the executive chef and co-owner of Philadelphia’s trailblazing Zahav, among other restaurants. He is the co-author of three cookbooks and a multiple James Beard award winner. He appears at three events during the Melbourne Food and […]

Where to eat out in Verona, Italy: Chef Mirco Speri

La Bottega Del Vino Pastissada di Cavallo. THE EXPERT Mirco Speri, head chef, Pastore Italian-born and with experience in award-winning restaurants in London, Mirco Speri was co-owner and head chef at South Yarra’s 38 Chairs becoming head chef at Scott Pickett’s Italian-inspired diner, Pastore in Hotel Chadstone, Melbourne. See BREAKFAST Coffee, and pastries are […]

Best hotel bars: The world’s 10 most impressive

Moon Bat at Banyan Tree Bangkok. Photo: Supplied MOON BAR, BANGKOK One of the rooftop bar pioneers is just as on-trend as ever, 61 floors above Bangkok’s raucous din atop the Banyan Tree Bangkok. It’s so chic that grilled scallops with toasted hazelnuts and coriander count as bar snacks. The signature drink – Malibu with […]

Worst airline food: Ryanair tops list of worst inflight meals

Ryanair’s Irish Breakfast. What a way to start the day. Photo: Which Granted, there are plenty of logistical challenges that come with serving hundreds of people at 37,000 feet. But some airlines undoubtedly pull it off better than others, as demonstrated by these passengers who shared crime scene evidence of their worst plane meal abominations. […]

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