River cruises: Why themed cruises are a great way to see the world

River cruising: On board Avalon Envision’s christening cruise with Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert

European river cruise: For the young – and young at heart

River cruising in Africa: Another way to see mesmerising Africa

See elephants in the wild in Kenya. SPONSORED CONTENT There’s surely no continent as beguiling, as inspiring or as moving as Africa. There’s just something about this place that seeps into your bones, that changes you forever, that leaves marks as deep as any rugged gorge. From the first rays of sunrise on a dawn […]

River cruising tips: How to get the best price

Sunset over river Seine in Paris. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK There’s only one thing you can be sure of on a river cruise, and that is that few passengers have paid the same price for their shared float in a boat. As long as the customer is happy that might not matter – at least until passengers […]

River cruising Vietnam and Cambodia: Phnom Penh’s end-of-monsoon celebrations are spectacular

The luxury river cruise ship Scenic Spirit sailing between Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap. Photo: Supplied Bang. Boom. Bang. Whoosh, Bang. Boom. Whoosh. Bang. Sharp, loud noises of a violent nature seem to be emerging from nowhere. It’s the sort of stuff the vigilant, tremulous international traveller does not need to hear when […]

This is the most relaxing holiday ever, without a beach in sight

The Lot river from Saint Cirq Lapopie, the most beautiful village in France. Photo: Shutterstock We’re in remote south-west France, piloting a boat along The Lot River.  Beneath the Dordogne – famed for its foie gras and truffles – this rural region is far from the tourist trail. A sinuous waterway skirts chocolate-box villages through gorges, vineyards and […]

River Rhine cruise: Crossing the Swiss-German border to explore Germany’s enchanting Black Forest

A village and monastery in The Black Forest, Germany. Once upon a time in the Black Forest, there was a woman called Berta Schneider, who made a frugal living farming, distilling fruit schnapps and smoking hams. One icy winter’s day, she fell asleep while cooking beside her kitchen stove and awoke to find her dress […]

Six experiences in Canada and Alaska when you can truly live in the moment

See the best that Canada and Alaska has to offer. SPONSORED CONTENT  Travel isn’t about places – it’s about moments. It’s about experiences of almost indescribable pleasure when everything comes together, when you find yourself in the perfect place, at the perfect time, with the perfect company. There’s a feeling it inspires in you, a […]

Six moments in Europe where you can live life to its fullest

Namedy Castle, Germany. This is sponsored content for APT Travel. No one tells you about the moments. When you first arrive in Europe you’re ready for the history of this amazing continent, you expect the tiny, charming old towns and the cities filled with world-famous buildings and monuments. You know, too, about the culture, about […]

Six of the world’s best port cities and harbours for cruise ships

Queen Mary II leaves New York. Photo: Jonathan Atkin Out of hundreds of incredible cities around the world that you can visit by ship, some stand out for the natural beauty of their harbours, nearby attractions and the fact you can step off the ship right into the city centre. VANCOUVER, CANADA FIRST SIGHT Ships […]

Strasbourg, France: Architecture, culture and great gingerbread

Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg is one of the capitals of the European Union, along with Brussels and Luxembourg. It is home to the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, the Council of Europe, the International Institute of Human Rights, the European Ombudsman of the European Union and the International Commission on Civil Status. As such […]

Strasbourg cruise: Stunning city’s beguiling blend of old and new

Strasbourg in full bloom. Photo: Alamy “Look out for the spire of the cathedral. You’ll never get lost,” says our guide, Irmi, as we pull up beside one of the 21 bridges that link the modern part of Strasbourg with Grande-Ile, the city’s ancient core, which nestles on an island surrounded by the River Ill. […]

Mekong River cruise: The 10 things you must do

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary offers some tranquillity in Vietnam. Photo: Alamy TAKE ME TO THE OTHER RIVER Mekong River cruises either begin or end in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s largest city – where another waterway, the oft-overlooked Saigon River, is experiencing a revival. Its new public ferry service is perfect for sightseeing but for a […]

The hottest cruise destinations: The most surprising places you can cruise to

Mt Fuji, Japan during Cherry Blossom season. Photo: Shutterstock Once the desire to cruise has taken hold, it’s hard to shake. You’ve done the Pacific Islands and Australian coast, sailed the Med, Caribbean and maybe Alaska – so, where to next? And even if you consider yourself immune, you might be surprised at how many […]

The perfect cruise ship: 10 things that make the ultimate ocean cruise experience

What does the perfect cruise ship look like? Viking ships offer fabulous decks. The perfect ship is the fantasy of a castaway on a crab-nibbled atoll, yearning for rescue after years without linen sheets, crisp martinis or a decent shower. It doesn’t really exist, even if cruise companies boast about providing the ultimate in everything. […]

The unusual Cambodian circus in Siem Reap: Unmissable and unexpected entertainment

Phare’s Khmer Metal show confronts important historical and contemporary traumas that afflict Cambodians. Photo: Peter Phoeng Under the darkened small top, just as the latest performance of Phare, the Cambodian circus, is about to begin, there’s a minor commotion in the packed audience on the far side of the tent. A tall caucasian young man […]

Unforgettable journeys: Immerse yourself in Europe on a small group tour

Exploring Europe’s small villages on foot is always a highlight. Photo: iStock SPONSORED CONTENT Europe is all about intimacy. It’s about small villages with long histories, and cities that can be explored on foot in a few days, surprising you with their compactness. It’s about meeting local artisans and experts, those who make wine, play […]

Why Japan is the cruise destination of the moment

Autumn is Japan’s second-busiest tourist season. Photo: Prasit Rodphan / Alamy Stock Photo Until the local cruise season heats up again next summer, the choice of ships sailing in our region narrows considerably, so why not head off to Asia for your next cruise fix? Japan, to look at just one area of this vast […]

Why this is one of the best ways to travel

River cruising allows you to float into charming villages that ocean liners can never reach, such as Durnstein, on the River Danube. Photo: Shutterstock   I’m often asked why river cruising has become so popular, and my answer is always to wonder why has it taken so long.  For centuries rivers have been an irresistible […]

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